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Empoli is a little Italian town of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants in the province of Florence in Tuscany.

Empoli revolves around the central square Farinata degli Uberti (Empoli citizens often call the Square of the because, because the fountain of the center of the square is on a group of lions). Next to the fountain stands the historic Praetorian Palace, and opposite the Palace Ghibellino. On the same square are the Museum of Paleontology and the Fine Arts Club, as well as other beautiful buildings.

In construction a museum by the local Archaeological Association Archaeological Volunteer Mediovaldarno Empolese where you will find the restored numerous findings from the excavations carried out by the same

territory in Empoli

. At the

Agriturismo Girasole

you can find all the amenities of the Empoli Farmhouses.

Agriturismo Empoli

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