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Gambassi Terme is an Italian town of fewer than 5,000 inhabitants in the province of Florence in Tuscany.
Among the many monuments to visit for guests of Gambassi Terme, are worth to see:
  • • The church of Santa Cristina on the street
  • • The Church of Christ the King (or Santi Jacopo e Stefano)
  • • The Church of St. John the Baptist in Varna (which among other treasures a copy of the Madonna and with Child and Saints by Andrea del Sarto)
  • • The Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta (at Gambassi Terme )
  • • The Church of San Frediano Montignoso
  • • The Abbey of San Pietro a Cerreto

At the Agriturismo Girasole you can find all the amenities of the Gambassi Terme Farmhouses

Agriturismi Gambassi Terme

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